Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its establishment in 2006, MOKO has been committed to becoming a socially responsible enterprise. We understand the importance of social responsibility, and we take action to make sure that our company operates by following corporate social responsibility(CSR). We focus on bringing more benefits to our employees, which makes our employees happy and more efficient. On the other hand, we agree with sustainable development, so we commit to green production for protecting our environment better.

What We Focus

Compliance & Ethics

We strictly adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity in any of our business conduct. First, we prohibit any form of labor slavery and comply with local and international labor laws. No child labor, no forced labor, focus on employee welfare and ensure our employees are treated with dignity and respect. In addition, we oppose human trafficking and call on our suppliers to abide by relevant ethics and rule of law guidelines to ensure that all services we provide are implemented under fair labor practices, and we will work with local governments and partners to build a better society.

Safety & Health of Employees

As a company with a sense of social responsibility, MOKO pays much attention to creating a safe and healthy environment for our employees, and we take many measures to guarantee their safety and health. 
1. We have professional health and safety training for all employees before they start to work.
2. We have a reasonable working schedule and shift arrangement, making sure all our workers have enough rest so they can work in a good state.
3. We provide nutritional meals for our employees and we organize some activities such as hiking or mountain climbing to make sure the physical and mental health of our employees.

Environmental Protection

MOKO also focuses on the protection of the environment while operating its business, we ensure that all our production activities comply with the environmental legislation and we make efforts to carry out green production:
1. We upgrade our production process and machines constantly to reduce waste, and we classify waste according to whether it is recyclable. 
2. We use high-quality and recyclable raw materials that are not harmful to the environment and people’s health.
3. We strictly control harmful emissions including gas, light pollution, and sewage which reduce environmental pollution significantly.
4. We work with suppliers who also attach great importance to environmental protection to make sure that the materials offered by them are conducive to environmental protection.