White Label Service

Our white label service helps you quickly build your brand and improve market competitiveness

The Benefits of Our White Label Service

Build Your Own Brand

Build Your Own Brand

By customizing your logo and packaging, our white label service allows you to build your brand in the shortest time. You can sell all of our products under your brand name to maintain the brand goodwill you have already acquired.

Reduce Costs by White Label Service

Reduce Costs

Developing a new product requires a lot of money, especially when you lack experience, and you need to invest a lot in equipment. With our strong production capacity and well-equipped factory, you can reduce costs significantly.

Shorten Time to Market

Shorten Time to Market

It takes a lot of time to create a product as it involves many steps, and our rich experience in IoT device manufacturing and efficient workflow can help customers shorten the time to market.

Fill Expertise Gap by White Label Service

Fill Expertise Gap

MOKO Wireless is a leading IoT product manufacturer, by using our expertise in this area, we can provide professional white label service and develop products that exactly meet your requirements.

Our White Label Services

✓ Research & development
✓ Branding & design
✓ Manufacturing
✓ Customized Labeling & packaging
✓ White Label Shipping

MOKOWireless's White Label Service

White Label IoT Products

Smart Plugs
Cellular Trackers
IoT Gateways

Why Partner with MOKO

Extensive Experience in White Label Service
Extensive Experience

MOKO Wireless has more than 17 years of experience in developing and manufacturing IoT products.

Strong R&D Capability in White Label Service
Strong R&D Capability

We have a professional R&D team that consists of over 70 engineers who are experts in the IoT industry.

Stringent Quality Control in White Label Service
Stringent Quality Control

Certified with ISO9001, ISO13485, UL, BSCI, RoHS, and IPC, making sure each product delivered to customers is high-quality.

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