Smart Agriculture Solution

Leveraging our IoT devices to build smart agriculture solution that boost your crop yield and cut operation costs.


As the global population grows rapidly, so must food production to keep up with demand. However, various factors such as shortage of natural resources, climate change, and natural disasters have brought great challenges to the global agriculture industry. To alleviate these issues, more and more farmers apply smart agriculture IoT solutions, which help them better understand farm operations and make more informed decisions.
MOKO provides a variety of hardware facilities for smart agriculture solutions, including temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors, cellular trackers, and energy control equipment, helping farmers operate farms better and improve crop yields.

Benefits of Smart Agriculture Solution

Livestock Monitoring of Smart Agriculture Solution

Livestock Monitoring

By using our tracker, you can monitor the location of your livestock, including their real-time location and their historical footprint. You can be notified instantly when they come out of the farm.

Asset Management

Our smart agriculture solutions enable farmers to track the location and usage of assets on the farm, which can ensure the safety of assets and maximize asset utilization. Moreover, farmers can make preventive maintenance to lengthen asset service lifetime.

Asset Management of Smart Agriculture Solution
Environment Monitoring of Smart Agriculture Solution

Environment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity, when they exceed the preset range, an alarm will be issued immediately so that farmers can respond quickly to ensure that crops grow and store in a suitable environment.

Remote Control

Integrating our smart plugs into smart agriculture solutions allow farmers to control their devices remotely. They can set time schedules for different devices as needed, then these devices will automatically switch on and off at specified times.

Remote Control of Smart Agriculture Solution

How It Works

how Smart Agriculture Solution works

Smart Agriculture Products

Smart Plug MK116

Smart Plug MK116

Asset Tracker

IoT Gateway MK107


Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracker

Smart Plug MK115B


BLE Gateway MK110

Why Choose Us?

One-stop Hardware Supply
One-stop Hardware Supply

MOKO provides a wide array of IoT devices for smart agriculture, such as cellular trackers, BLE&WIFI&NB-IoT smart plugs, gateways, and various sensors.

Stable Connectivity
Stable Connectivity

We are proud to offer our clients stable connectivity, whenever your sites are located, our connectivity can always help you monitor their operation status in real-time.

Short Time to Market
Short Time to Market

Flexible project teams and a global supply chain enable us to shorten project time and help our clients get to market with a short turnaround time.

Build Your Brand
Build Your Brand

We support white label service, which means we can help you build your own brand quickly.

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