Asset Tracking Hardware Solution

Visualize and Manage Your Assets All over the World with Our Reliable Cellular Trackers

Our Asset Tracking Solution Highlights


Our trackers are equipped with a large capacity battery which can last from 1 year to 10 years depending on the configuration, suitable for different asset tracking solutions

We offer different asset tracking devices, all of which have excellent performance but also with their strengths, so you can always find the best device for your project

Trackers at MOKO have multiple sensors, including motion, light, temperature, and humidity sensors, helping you to monitor the status of your assets better

Integrate GNSS, LBS base station positioning, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 beacon technology, and other positioning technologies to provide accurate indoor and outdoor positioning

Support global LTE CAT.1, CAT.M, NBIOT and GSM, GPRS, and EDGE networks, tracking your assets all over the world

Connected with the network such as LTE-M and NB-IoT, our cellular trackers provide reliable connectivity even in remote areas, never worry about losing connection

How It Works

Benefits of Asset Tracking Solutions 

Ensure Asset Security

Our tracker can monitor your assets in real-time, with demolition alarm and abnormal location alarm functions, to prevent the loss of valuable assets.

Reduce Losses during Asset Transportation

Real-time monitoring of the status of assets in transit, when the temperature and humidity exceed a predetermined range, an alarm will be issued, so that timely measures can be taken to reduce losses during transportation.

Maximize Asset Utilization

Analyze how long and how often assets are used to optimize operation schedules and determine whether preventive maintenance is required to improve asset utilization.

Manage Your Asset Better

Our asset tracking solutions enable you to manage your assets better, whether they’re in the warehouse or transit, you know exactly where they are, preventing cross-selling, theft, or hoarding.

Our Cellular Trackers

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

Goods Tracker


Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracker

Application Scenarios


Proven Expertise

MOKO has provided asset tracking devices to hundreds of customers around the world for many years. Our trackers are used in various industries including construction, logistics, medical and health care, etc.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our experts work closely with you to resolve any questions you may have, and we provide user manuals and a configuration platform to get started quickly.

Best Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

We have a professional and friendly support team that is 24/7 online for the quickest response to our customers.

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