What’s the Best Pet GPS Tracker for Your Pets?

What’s the Best Pet GPS Tracker for Your Pets?
What's the Best Pet GPS Tracker for Your Pets

The Growing Needs of Pet GPS Tracker

According to the latest research, the pet GPS tracker market will grow from 2021-2031. The demand for pet companions has gradually increased mainly due to the emergence of the epidemic. And contemporary young people’s attitude toward pursuing a high quality of life carries over to the pets in their homes. They not only pursue a high quality of life for themselves but are also committed to improving the quality of life for their pets at home. Pet smart supplies are gradually being promoted with the gradual acceptance of smart products.

Every pet owner wants his or her pets to run freely outside and have fun. But they are also afraid that they will run too far and accidentally get lost. Therefore, now there is a customized product specifically for this need, that is, the smart pet collar. This collar has a positioning function, which can locate the location of your pet anywhere and anytime. With the smart pet collar, which also means the pet GPS tracker, you don’t have to search aimlessly when your pet gets lost.

What is Pet GPS Tracker?

What is Pet GPS Tracker

1. Definition of Pet GPS Tracker

A smart pet collar can also be called a pet GPS tracker. Pet tracking is one of the major applications of GPS trackers. Pet GPS tracker is a niche product in IoT (Internet of Things), which combines technologies like GPS positioning and software development and application. Hardware engineers further develop the appearance design of the pet tracker based on the above technology, which eventually develops an end product that can be worn directly on the pet. It is usually smaller and lighter in weight, making it easy to carry.

2. Working Principle

The smart pet collar obtains the pet’s location and other information data through GPS positioning technology and then uploads the data to the server via a cellular network or wireless LAN. Users can view information about their pets from their computers or cell phones, such as their location, daily activities, and physical data. Compared to traditional collars, a smart pet collar is a multi-functional device that enables users to track their pets using GPS. Some smart-connected pet collars can also help pets and humans interact through LED displays.

7 Functions of Pet GPS Tracker

The smart pet collar currently on the market is not a brand new category, most smart collars have the following functions.

1. GPS+LBS Dual positioning

The dual positioning function is one of the most basic functions of a pet tracker. Its positioning accuracy can be up to 5 meters. Dual positioning combines technologies of LBS base station positioning + GPS satellite positioning. The tracker will first locate continuously through GPS. When GPS can’t cover, it will locate through LBS, and then upload data to the server through GPRS. This means that it is capable of achieving precise positioning of your pet in real time. The benefit of dual positioning is that when one positioning technology does not work, the tracker will automatically switch to the other. In this way, interruptions in data collection can be well avoided and real-time tracking can be achieved.

2. Geo-fencing Alarm

Users can set a safety range for their pets through a computer or mobile app, i.e. electronic geo-fencing. When the pet enters or leaves the set range, the user will receive an alert message.

3. Training Function

Some pet trackers can be customized with vibration functions according to user needs. Pets are quite sensitive to vibration. Therefore, users can use this function to train their pets, correct their bad behaviors such as barking and running around, and develop their good habits.

4. Historical Track Playback

View your pet’s historical footprint and keep track of its whereabouts. Users can view the activity track of their pets in real time through the computer or mobile app. Through the track playback, users can also know what location their pets have been to. This function can also help users understand the range of their pet’s daily activities.

5. Intelligent Alarm

When the pet GPS tracker has an abnormal situation, such as when the device is low on battery or offline, the computer or mobile APP will receive an alarm message. This can help users to keep track of the operation status of the device.

6. LED Indicator

Most pet GPS trackers are equipped with LED lights, which can be controlled remotely by the user. If the pet is lost or hiding in dark places such as the hallway, sewer, dense grass, etc., the user can start the search mode by GPS positioning + LED light.

7. Motion Sensor+ Pedometer

The new trackers on the market now have added the function of real-time observation of the pet’s movement. By studying the pet’s pedometer algorithm, the tracker records the pet’s daily exercise data and the length of rest. Users can make the right amount of exercise plans for their pets based on the collected exercise data to help their healthy growth.

The Current Situation of Pet GPS Tracker

The Current Situation of Pet GPS Tracker

Since the pandemic, the global pet market has also grown rapidly. Among them, pet tracking occupies a place in the market. According to a survey, the global pet market reached $232.5 billion in 2021. And the U.S., the largest single pet market, accounted for half of the market with $123.6 billion. As the number of pet-owning households increases, so does the probability of losing a pet. Approximately more than 2 million dogs are lost in the U.S. each year, and the dominant solution to the problem is the use of pet GPS trackers.

Through the survey report, the overall global pet wear market will grow from $2.1 billion in 2021 to $10 billion in 2027, at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 22%. Among them, GPS tracking accounts for roughly 44% of the share.

If we search pet GPS Tracker on amazon, we can find that an Austrian company holds the dominant position, Tractive, whose products are 4G-enabled plug-in (SIM card) pet trackers for cats and dogs, with a market share of about 70% in the online segment. Another pet tracking brand, Whistle, also has the same 4G plug-in products, with a market share of about 10%. Together, these two brands account for 80% of the market share. However, Tractive, the best-selling pet GPS tracker on Amazon, has an overall user rating of 3.9 for the product though it has over 10,000 reviews. The main bad reviews focus on “no signal”, “device not available” and “poor standby”, which are also shared by many other users.

So in a way, there is still a lot of room for improvement for pet GPS trackers. For now, we can put our eyes on a few brand manufacturers or suppliers at the head of the market.

Pet GPS Tracker Manufacturers and Suppliers

Based on the data, we have selected 4 of the best pet GPS trackers on the market that can meet the needs of most users.

1. Tractive Waterproof GPS Tracker

The Tractive waterproof GPS tracker, one of the top sellers on Amazon, has a lower price compared to other brands (mentioned below), which is one of the reasons why it is most popular. Tractive is very easy to set up and use, and its app interface is very simple and intuitive. It allows for live tracking, virtual fence, and location history and can fit most collars. In “live tracking” mode, if the pet leaves the set fence, the tracker will be positioned once every 2-3 seconds to achieve more accurate tracking. But this also means that it has a short standby time. The tracker also comes with light and sound, it can help you spot your pet at night. But the light and sound it emits are too faint for users to see or hear when looking from a distance.

Price and subscription fee

Price: $49.99; Offering monthly, yearly, and 2-year subscription plans for users, starting a  $6/month.

2. Whistle Go Explore

Whistle GO Explore monitors the location and health of pets. Through Whistle’s app, multiple security fences can be set up, while sending location information and alerts to the user. It has a lightweight but rugged design, though it may be a bit heavy for smaller dogs. Officially, it claims a 20-day battery life, which far exceeds Tractive’s 7 days. It has a built-in night light. Users can set the night light on the app, and there are three modes to choose from that will let you see your pet at night. go Explore also has a lost pet mode. When you activate this mode, it will geolocate every 15 seconds.

Whistle GO Explore can monitors the location and health of pets. Through Whistle’s app, users can set up multiple security geo-fences and receive location information and alerts. It has a lightweight but rugged design, though it may be a bit heavy for small dogs. Whistle claims that the tracker has a 20-day battery life, which far exceeds Tracive’s 7 days. It has a built-in night light with three modes. Users can set the night light on the app, thus they can see their pet in the dark. GO Explore also has a lost pet mode. When you activate this mode, it will geo-locate every 15 seconds.

Price and subscription fee

Price: $104.44; Subscription fee: Yearly $8.25/mo.

3. Fi Series 2 Smart Dog Collar

Fi Series 2 Dog Collar is the most expensive tracker among the ones selected today. It tracks via GPS + LTE-M cellular network technology, which allows you to view your pet’s location from a long distance. It also has an alert function and will monitor your pet’s activity data. Fi also has LED lights for users to easily find their pets. It has a battery life of up to three months, which is the longest compared to the battery life. However, when Fi is in “Lost” mode, its location updates are once every minute. During this time, the pet may have left the location, making it more difficult to find.

Price and subscription fee

Price: $149; Subscription fee: Yearly: $99; 2-Year Plan: $186

4. MOKO GPS Tracker for pets

MOKO LoRaWan GPS Tracker is well designed for pet tracking and even can be used in animal farming management. This tracker is more suitable for a larger pet. It combines GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi technologies, which enables it to support multiple modes of operation. Its IP67 waterproof rate allows it used in outdoor tracking and its long cover range make users easier to track their pets. Compare to the above tracker, its price is lower. However, it has functions such as location tracking, geo-fencing, security alerts, etc.

Price and subscription fee

Price: $30-45

How to Choose a Pet GPS Tracker?

How to Choose a Pet GPS Tracker

1. Positioning Accuracy

Why do people want to buy GPS trackers for their pets? Their aim is to be able to easily check their pet’s location. Position accuracy is the most basic requirement for a GPS Tracker. However, there are many products not good enough to meet this requirement. So we recommend that you can choose a reliable brand, whose product is of higher quality.

2. Weight and Size

Before choosing a pet tracker, you need to consider the size and weight of your pet. If your pet is small, you will need to choose a tracker that is lightweight in appearance.

3. Battery Life

Generally, the battery life of the tracker is related to the location update frequency. If you need to track your pet for a long time, you need to choose trackers with long battery life.

4. IP Rating

If your pet plays outdoors a lot and gets dirty easily, you’ll need to consider the IP rating of the tracker.

5. Appearance Design

Just choose the appearance you like~

6. Additional Functions

Some trackers can customize additional functions for the users. You can contact the supplier for more information.