MOKO Smart Plug Solution for Energy Crisis

MOKO Smart Plug Solution for Energy Crisis
MOKO Smart Plug Solution for Energy Crisis


With the development of the fourth industrial revolution, we have entered the era of intelligence, and various intelligent electrical devices are widely used. At the same time, the world is facing a global energy crisis due to the massive consumption of energy by humans. In response to the crisis, MOKO has come up with our own solution for energy saving. This solution is to control electrical devices by using MOKO smart plug. The reasonable use of electrical equipment can reduce the loss of electrical energy and greatly reduce energy consumption. If we analyze the current energy situation recently, we can know the urgency and necessity of reducing energy consumption.

Energy Status in 2022

Energy Status in 2022

In 2022, the energy security of the whole year was greatly threatened, and the energy price soared, which led to a sharp increase in the prices of various household items, resulting in serious inflation, increasing the cost of living and production for people and hindering the progress of society. The causes of the energy crisis this year are the following.

1. Russia-Ukraine War

Russia-Ukraine War

Since Russia is a major energy exporter and has energy pipelines all over Europe, Europe cannot develop without Russian energy. It is difficult for Russian oil and natural gas to be transported to Europe because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Also, Russia is restricted to use US dollars by Europe and the US, which makes it difficult for Russia’s energy to be exported to other regions. This results in a tight energy supply, which makes global energy prices skyrocket.

2. Extreme Weather

Since this year, many countries in the northern hemisphere have been affected by extreme weather. The temperature in many countries has exceeded their historical record. In order to reduce the heat, people use a variety of devices, which includes air conditioners. These cooling devices consume huge amounts of electricity, which greatly increases the loss of electricity and exacerbated the energy crisis. The energy shortage leads to a sharp rise in the price of electricity for residential use, especially in some areas, which greatly increased the cost of living.

3. Supply Chain Crisis

The world is still in a supply chain crisis for more than two years due to the pandemic. Ports in many countries are stacked with cargo, causing longer turnaround times for goods. Port congestion increases the time it takes for energy to reach the port, increasing energy costs and exacerbating energy shortages. Many of Europe’s energy pipelines are closed. Energy can only be transported by sea, which has led to a global shortage of energy carriers, especially LNG for natural gas, which is in high demand and not enough to cover Europe’s gas consumption. The supply chain crisis has exacerbated Europe’s energy crisis.

The war between Russia and Ukraine will continue for a long time, and the global supply chain crisis is still fermenting, which means that the energy crisis in 2022 will continue for a long time. This year’s winter will be even colder in Europe.

The energy crisis has had an impact on all aspects of people’s lives. The soaring price of daily necessities has increased the living cost of residents. People will prefer cheaper and energy-saving products, and pay more attention to energy consumption when buying electrical products.

Why Choose MOKO Smart Plugs

Why Choose MOKO Smart Plugs

Although the world is still in a global energy crisis, people still consume energy in their daily lives. Since we use electrical appliances in every aspect of our lives, it is difficult for us to monitor the energy consumption of each appliance. We can only check the monthly electricity bill in general, which makes it difficult for us to optimize our electricity consumption. MOKO’s smart plug can accurately count the power consumption, and with this data, we can optimize the use of various appliances. The MOKO smart plug has a remote control, timer switch, etc. These functions can greatly reduce our electricity consumption and save your money. The cost of electricity saved in a month is enough to purchase multiple smart plugs.

MOKO smart plug is not only for home use but also for various companies and electricity distribution companies. Companies can use smart plugs to reduce power consumption significantly and can check the working hours of their employees. Distribution companies can use MOKO smart plugs to allocate electricity so that electricity can be used in a more rational way.

Following I will introduce in detail how MOKO smart plug saves power loss from three aspects: home, business, and power distribution companies.

1. Application of Smart Plug in Life

Application of Smart Plug in Life
A. Eliminate High Energy Consumption Appliances

In life, we only know our monthly electricity consumption when we pay the electricity bill. However, there is no way to know the specific power consumption of each appliance. If there are old appliances in the house, it is difficult to know their specific power consumption. It is also difficult to tell which appliance is damaged and consuming a lot of excess power. With smart plugs, we can know the connected appliances’ specific power consumption and determine if excess power is consumed. MOKO smart plugs can accurately measure power loss, which is far more accurate than other smart plugs on the market. With MOKO smart plugs you can eliminate damaged appliances more accurately and reduce unnecessary electricity expenses.

B. Remote Control and Timer Switch

In order to use hot water at any time, many homes keep their electric water heaters on 24hs a day. However, most of us actually use the water heater at a short period of time in a day, and if the water heater is kept on 24hs it will waste much electricity. We can turn on the water heater remotely or through the timer by using a smart plug, so that we can use hot water when we need it, which will also greatly reduces the power loss. This function can also be applied to other appliances (aquarium, charging equipment, etc.). The remote control and timing functions of the smart plugs allow the appliance to work according to your schedule and lifestyle, which can create a smarter, greener life.

C. Reduce the standby time of devices

MOKO smart plug can determine whether an appliance is working or on standby through accurate power monitoring. We can set the default standby time through MOKO smart plug. If the standby time of the appliance exceeds the set time, the smart plug turns off the switch and the appliance is equivalent to shutting down. In life, many appliances like TV, computer, speakers, etc. are on standby for a long time. Although the energy consumption in the standby state is not high, but a long-term accumulation will also waste a lot of power and result in a considerable amount of electricity expenses. Through MOKO smart plug, we can achieve zero power standby for appliances, greatly reducing this unnecessary expenditure.

D. Overload Protection

When MOKO smart plug detects a power overload, it will automatically cut off the power to the appliance immediately. This can greatly reduce the abnormal power consumption of appliances and also reduce the fire caused by leakage.

2. Application of Smart Plug in Companies

Application of Smart Plug in Companies
A. Power Monitoring During Off Hours

On the one hand, now many companies do not advocate overtime work. Through smart plugs, we can view the power consumption of employees’ computers to determine their work situation, and give advice to those employees who often work overtime to get off work in time, which can also reduce the company’s power consumption.

On the other hand, there will be a lot of electrical appliances in one company and we cannot determine whether all the appliances are off after work. These appliances will waste a lot of power if they are still on. Through smart plugs, we can monitor the power consumption of various appliances during off hours, based on these conditions we can easily determine whether the appliances are off or not. Then we can turn off those appliances remotely through the connected smart plugs. Turning off the power of the appliances can significantly save electricity.

B. Power Monitoring of Conference Room and Office

The HVAC system in conference rooms and offices is very power consuming. Some companies will keep the conference room air conditioning open 24 hours a day in order to maintain the right temperature during meetings, and some companies do not turn off the air conditioning and other equipment in time after the meeting, which brings a huge power loss. By using the smart plug, we can turn on the HVAC system at a specified time before the conference and turn it off after the conference remotely.

C. Rational Use of Factory Equipment

There are a lot of equipment in the factory, and it is often difficult for us to judge whether the electrical appliances are in use or not. Through smart plugs, we can monitor the power consumption of factory equipment at different times, and then design a reasonable use of the equipment according to the production process of the factory, which can significantly reduce the power consumption and increase production efficiency.

3. Application of Smart Plug in Power Distribution Companies

A. Accurately Distribute Electric Power

The power distribution company can use the smart plug to count the power consumption of each area at each time, analyze the approximate power consumption of the area, and then accurately distribute power according to the power consumption of each area, which can greatly reduce the power consumption.

B. Monitor Abnormal Power Usage

Power distribution companies using smart plugs can monitor the power usage of each area in real time. If there is abnormal electricity usage, they can judge whether to disconnect the power in time according to the specific situation, which can reduce the power consumption and also stop the possibility of fire caused by a short circuit.

In our life and work, people have wasted a lot of electricity. If we can reasonably use smart plugs, we can greatly reduce power consumption. This can not only reduce our electricity expenses, but also contribute to mitigating the energy crisis.

Introduction to MOKO Smart Plugs

Introduction to MOKO Smart Plugs

MOKO plugs include WiFi plugs, Bluetooth plugs, NB-IoT plugs and LoRaWAN plugs according to the wireless mode. Each of these 4 wireless communication methods has different advantages in terms of transmission rate, coverage and communication cost.

According to the plug standards, MOKO is mainly produced in accordance with British standard, U.S. standard, European Standard, French standard and Australian standard. The main function of the plug is to remotely control and monitor power consumption with an accuracy of ±0.5%. It can be applied to home appliance control, industrial equipment control, intelligent building, intelligent office, energy management and etc.

MOKO smart plugs support connection to standard MQTT agents (such as EMQTT, Mosquitto) and other servers that support MQTT protocols, as well as access to AWS IoT and Alibaba Cloud IoT, which can be quickly integrated into the customer’s existing IoT system. And all the data of MOKO plug will be uploaded directly to the customer’s server, so that the customer can do various development on the server.

1. WiFi Plug

MOKO WiFi plug corresponds to a variety of products. The differences between these products are mainly the appearance and firmware function, but the communication principle is the same. The plug connects to the router through the WIFI network, then connects to the customer’s server. Data communication between the plug and the server is achieved through the MQTT protocol, thus realizing remote control of on-off, power monitoring and other functions.

2. Bluetooth Plug

MOKO Bluetooth plug also corresponds to a variety of products. The differences between these products are mainly the appearance and firmware function. Data communication between the plug and the APP is achieved through Bluetooth, and the APP can remotely control the plug and view the power data. It can also be used with a Bluetooth gateway. The plug will broadcast its switch status and power data through Bluetooth, and the gateway will scan the broadcast data of the plug and upload the data to the server, so that it can easily monitor the working status of electrical appliances and centralize the management of electrical devices and electricity bills in the cloud in real-time.

3. NB-IoT Plug

Different from MOKO WiFi Plug, the NB-IoT plug connects to the server through cellular data. Though we call it MOKO NB-IoT plug, it also supports EMTC and GSM communication. Users can choose the corresponding network system according to their network environment. After the plug connects to the server, the user can remotely control the plug on/off and monitor the power data at the server/APP.

4. LoRaWAN Plug

In the LoRaWAN network, the LoRaWAN plug connects to the gateway through LoRa wireless communication, and the gateway connects to the network server through the existing wired/wireless network. The network server then connects to the application server through Ethernet, the user can remotely control the plug on/off and monitor the power data at the server/APP.


With the advancement of technology, more and more electronic products have entered our lives, bringing very much convenience to human beings. But at the same time, it has also caused a sharp increase in energy consumption, especially the waste of standby power consumption, which runs counter to the low-carbon earth that has started to be advocated globally. If we want to better survive on this planet, we should live in harmony with nature and protect the environment.

By using MOKO smart plugs, we can greatly reduce energy consumption, reduce our electricity bills, and reduce energy waste.

Energy saving and environmental protection is not an empty slogan, it starts with each of us using fewer shopping bags, saving paper, and even fine-tuning the management of electricity-using equipment.